Hi, I'm Vicky.

I'm an art, science, and software enthusiast.

Working on:

  • a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction
  • learning about the world of CS research
  • getting better at cello
  • practicing life drawing regularly

Thinking about:

  • how day-to-day people understand and interact with their data
  • how sketch-based-interfaces can facilitate more natural interactions with technology
  • how to make fun, pretty things, and enable others to do so too

Game Sketching

What if you could sketch a game to life?

Research | Game Design | HCI | Processing

I spent a summer researching the value of sketching for non-artistic pursuits: brainstorming, communication, play.

With these thoughts in mind, I tackled the realm of of game design, deciding I wanted to make the most fun, accessible, low-fidelity game-prototyping tool possible using the power of the pen. The prototype is well-informed by my own in-depth explorations of games and sketching-interfaces.


Graphics Experiments

Stuff I made to learn OpenGL

Computer Graphics | OpenGL

Terrain generator, with interactive lighting and editing.

3D modeller with basic object transformations, using a scene-graph and ray-picking.

Randomly generated maze game, made 100% in OpenGL.

Survival of the Fittest

An online battle version of Conway's Game of Life

Game Design | Web Development | HTML5 Canvas

Made with Jemar Jones at deltaHacks IV. Website is currently down but will link it when it's back up and running!

See more on Github!